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Construction Accident Electrocution Injuries

All you need to know about Construction Accident Electrocution Injuries

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries of all. Construction workers are exposed to several kinds of hazards on a daily basis. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that about 150,000 workers are injured each year. In addition, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that about 20% of worker fatalities occur at construction sites and that one of the most dangerous and deadly workplace accidents that often take place at these sites is electrocution.

According to OSHA, electrocutions are the third leading cause of death on construction sites. However, not all electrocutions are fatal, some can cause everything from severe burns to internal organ damage that could affect the worker for life. Given the severity of these types of injuries, workers need to know their most common causes, the type of injuries they often cause, and what they should do after an electrocution accident.

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Common causes of electrocution accidents

Direct or indirect contact with a powerline

Power lines, both overhead and buried, pose a constant danger to construction workers because they carry high voltage and are often not visible. Direct contact with these power lines can be catastrophic, just as indirect contact can be; through other objects such as lifts, cranes, and heavy trucks.

Defective equipment

There may be certain electrical tools or equipment on a construction site that don’t work properly. Such failures expose workers to the risk of electric shock injury or burns.


Workers who operate on elevated surfaces are especially prone to electrocution. After a fall, workers may fall onto electrical equipment, aggravating their injuries even further.

Lack of lockout/Tagout protection

Lockout/Tagout processes protect workers from dangerous electrical hazards. If these procedures are not followed when working with electrical equipment, the worker is at risk of suffering life-threatening electrical shocks.

Common electrical injuries

Electric shock

Coming into contact with voltage as low as 50 volts can have devastating effects on a human being. The electrical current between the brain and the muscles could be disrupted, causing effects such as inability to breathe, muscle spasms, or even heart failure.


Electrocutions can cause electrical burns and thermal burns. Electrical burns affect the body’s internal tissue, causing deep and dangerous burns. On the other hand, thermal burns are mainly due to electrical faults and may cause more superficial (but no less severe) injuries. 

Loss of muscle control

Upon being electrocuted, the worker may suffer uncontrollable and extremely strong muscle spasms, capable even of breaking bones and dislocating joints. This often results in the person not being able to free himself or move away to escape the electric shock.

Disability or Death

In the worst cases, electrocution may have a permanent impact on the worker’s health, or may even lead to death. Electrocution can cause permanent brain damage, spinal cord damage, or damage to other internal organs. 

Did you or a loved one suffer an electrocution injury? Here’s what to do

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