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Do You Need Legal Help In Real Estate?


A million problems could be hurting you regarding real estate legal troubles and a million complications within them. Be it oppression from co-owners or mediators who overlooked their duty to declare faults in your newly purchased house, it’s time to call ME Law.


At any time, anyone with a stake in the property can petition the court to order a sale or its division. It’s possible:

  • There is no set policy for how joint tenants and tenants in common should manage their shared interests in real estate,
  • Disagreement issues begin to emerge in their relationship, or
  • One of the inheritors wants out of the partnership and is selling their portion of the family business.

Our legal practice should be your first point of contact for such matters. We can help you file and defend against any legal action. Our ability to successfully negotiate contracts on behalf of our clients is well established. Get in touch with us immediately to get justice as soon as possible.

Easements, title, zoning issues, and boundary disputes

The use of easements, recording them, and boundary disputes involving the use of legal descriptions and surveyors are all areas in which we can offer assistance. We make sure what our client has on paper corresponds with what is on the property. This is of exceptional importance as it may lead to a chain of issues when our clients go for permits to begin construction or reconstruct their property. We are no strangers to the fact that noisy construction next door in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area can significantly disrupt a person’s quality of life. You can rely on our lawyers for assistance and learn about your legal options.

These are not the only cases we can help you with. We also help you with disputes arising from the termination of purchase and sale agreements, constructive and resulting trusts, unjust enrichment, etc. Each case is unique; contact us today to know how we can help you win.

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