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Exploring the History of Service of Process in the United States

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Service of Process is the procedure that you follow in order to notify other parties about the documents filed in a lawsuit. In fact, a process server will go ahead and serve the documents to the other party. The main objective of this is to notify another person about the lawsuit that is filed against him/her. Moreover, it will provide an opportunity for the other party to go ahead and respond to the case as well.

In the United States, process service is needed by the law. The documents that a process server is delivering are known as the “process”. A process server can deliver numerous types of legal documents. It can be a formal complaint, a writ, testimony in court, and summons that should appear before the court. The rules related to when and how the documents should be served are specific. A process server will look at the situation and go ahead with sending the documents.

The history of Service of Process in the United States

The constitution of the United States defines all rights of the citizens who are living in the country. You can see how the service of process is clearly defined in the 5th Amendment and 14th Amendment in the constitution of the United States.

Section 1 of the 14th Amendment was passed by Congress back in the year 1866. According to this, it was stated that all the people born within the United States or naturalized within the country are subjected to the jurisdiction of the country. All citizens of the country should adhere to the law of the country. Moreover, all citizens will be provided with equal protection by the law as well.

Likewise, the 6th Amendment clearly explains the need to have a process server in order to submit legal notice to go ahead with a fair trial. The accused party should enjoy the right to have a public and speedy trial. Moreover, the party should be informed about the cause and nature of the accusation as well.

Exploring the current Service of Process in the United States

The judiciary system as well as the public got to know about the importance of the service of process in the recent past. They were able to get a better understanding of the service of the process as well.

As of now, most states in the country would require a neutral adult to act as a process server and serve the documents. The litigants usually prefer to seek the assistance of a private process server to do this. However, some states such as Florida would allow you to act as a process server on your own. Or else, you may send the documents to the United States Marshal, who will go ahead and serve the documents. This would not cost you any money.

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