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Why is cloudHQ Popular Among Legal Professionals?

save pdf to emails for legal professionals

Is there a need for you to save emails to PDF? Then you should look for the best tool available out there. That’s where you will come across cloudHQ. This is a Google Chrome extension, which is quite popular among many people out there. If you wonder how to save emails to PDF for legal professionals, you may go ahead and use the tool without keeping any doubts in mind.

How to use cloudHQ for saving emails to PDF?

You can call cloudHQ as the easiest method available out there to save emails to PDFs. The steps that you have to follow are quite straightforward. You should initially install the cloudHQ Google Chrome extension on your computer. Then you should give permission for cloudHQ to access your Gmail account. Once it has access, you can pick the emails that you want to save as PDF and proceed. Anyone can follow these steps and save emails in PDF documents.

One of the best features you will notice in cloudHQ is the ability to save individual emails and batch save emails. Along with the emails, you will also be able to save attachments. When you are batch saving emails, you have the freedom to save them in multiple formats. For example, you can save the emails as a paginated PDF, Text file, zip file with individual PDFs and in HTML format.

Why is cloudHQ popular among legal professionals?

While you look for a tool to save emails to PDF for legal professionals, cloudHQ is one of the best options that you will come across. It will help you to package emails, which you can produce to the courts without a problem. Emails contain some valuable information, which the lawyers can use for their needs. That’s where the cloudHQ extension will be useful. All the PDF documents that you generate will fully comply with the rules of the court or regulatory agency. Hence, you will not come across any problems.

What are the best features in cloudHQ?

There are some outstanding features available in cloudHQ. Let’s take a quick look at the most prominent features out of them.

  • Packaging multiple emails into a single PDF document

If there is a need for you to add multiple emails to a single PDF document, you can proceed with using the cloudHQ extension. It will help you to package multiple emails based on the sent dates and received dates. Moreover, you can attach all the attachments into the PDF document as well.

  • Share the PDF emails securely

When you want to share emails securely, you may use cloudHQ. You know about the importance of your emails and how confidential they are. That’s why you should think about using cloudHQ. It will ensure that you can share emails without keeping any doubts in mind.

  • Forward emails easily

By using cloudHQ, you can forward emails easily. All you have to do is to drag and drop an email to the compose window. Then you can get the email to be saved in PDF format.

  • Encrypting PDF files

By using the paid version of cloudHQ, you can encrypt PDF files as well. If your emails contain sensitive information, it is quite important to encrypt them. This is why cloudHQ provides you with 256-bit military grade encryption. On top of that, you can get password protection as well. Therefore, you can make sure that your sensitive emails are opened only by people whom you can trust.

If you are happy with these features, you can go ahead and use cloudHQ without keeping a doubt in mind.

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