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Orange County Lawyers Directory

If you are a local resident of Orange County and have tried to find a local attorney recently you’ve probably noticed an interesting and frustrating trend in attorney advertising. Lawyers from all over California and even throughout country have set up “satellite” offices in in Orange County. They market themselves as local attorneys, but they really just have a virtual office with an address and local phone number but little or no staff. This allows them to market locally, but not invest in the overhead of an actual firm. The consequence is almost always that their clients will be disappointed because they’re never at their office.

That’s where comes in. We verify that all of the attorneys listed on have a local address listed with the California State Bar Association as required by law. If they are not a local attorney, we do not allow them to list their website or even pay for advertising. This ensures that all lawyers are 100% verified as local, and that people can trust our website to provide credible.