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Immigration Lawyers

What Is an Immigration Lawyer?

An immigration attorney is a legal professional who offers services in the United States to help individuals from other countries enter or stay in the country. They assist with visa applications, citizenship establishment, temporary visas for work or school, and represent clients facing deportation or removal orders.

Key Takeaways

Immigration attorneys provide legal assistance for a wide range of immigration-related issues, including:

  • Citizenship and temporary stays in the United States
  • Visa applications for foreign spouses of American citizens
  • Prosecution or defense of noncitizens in the United States
  • Appeals for deportation or removal cases
  • Business support in hiring individuals from other countries

Immigration attorneys help clients navigate legal processes like administrative hearings and applications for short or long-term stays in the United States. Find your immigration lawyer here.

Roles and Duties of Immigration Lawyers

Immigration attorneys offer legal services related to the federal government’s immigration system. They handle cases related to citizenship, naturalization, green cards, visa applications, and provide defense against deportation cases. Attorneys provide legal counsel and representation in administrative hearings, and they can also assist businesses in hiring noncitizen employees. Some may work with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and other programs within the Department of Homeland Security.

Immigration Law Overview

Immigration laws determine who can enter the United States and the duration of their stay. They establish the legal rights and responsibilities of noncitizens while in the U.S. Several government agencies handle immigration matters, including:

  • USCIS (Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services): Manages immigration-related applications and authorizations for foreign individuals in the U.S., covering family-based petitions, employment-based petitions, asylum and refugee processing, and naturalization.
  • ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement): Responsible for illegal immigrant detention and removal.
  • DOJ (U.S. Department of Justice): Employs immigration law attorneys to represent individuals and businesses before the USCIS, Board of Immigration Appeals, and Immigration Courts on immigration-related matters.

Immigration attorneys assist individuals and corporations with various immigration-related issues, such as immigration, visas, green cards, political asylum, and more.

Different Types of Cases an Immigration Lawyer Handles

Immigration lawyers can assist in a variety of immigration-related cases, including:

Deportation Cases

Immigrants facing deportation can seek legal help to explore all legal options to remain in the United States. Hiring an attorney significantly improves the chances of staying in the country.

Green Card Applications

Applying for a green card can be a complex process, and eligibility requirements vary. Immigration attorneys can guide applicants through the process and explain visa application legalities.

Seeking Asylum

Individuals threatened with harm or imprisonment in their home country can apply for asylum in the United States. Immigration attorneys offer legal counsel and assistance with the paperwork required for asylum applications.

Detained by ICE

Detainment by ICE is daunting, and immediate legal representation is advised. Immigration attorneys help individuals locate detained loved ones and determine the best course of action for their release.

Marrying a Foreigner

Couples involving a U.S. citizen and a foreigner must follow specific legal procedures. Immigration attorneys can simplify the process by providing legal guidance during K-1 visa applications and the marriage process.

Naturalization Citizenship

The process of applying for U.S. citizenship involves numerous forms, applications, and eligibility requirements. Immigration attorneys can navigate this intricate process and help individuals achieve citizenship.

How an Immigration Lawyer May Help You

Immigration attorneys assist clients with a wide array of immigration issues, including visas, green cards, U.S. citizenship, and other immigration benefits. You should consider seeking legal counsel from an immigration attorney if you:

  • Are unsure of your eligibility for a green card or other immigration benefit.
  • Have received government assistance while in the U.S. or are concerned about inadmissibility.
  • Seek discretionary relief, such as asylum or a waiver.
  • Encounter difficulties obtaining a USCIS green card, citizenship, or other immigration benefit.
  • Require emergency assistance regarding immigration circumstances.
  • Have been notified of deportation or removal proceedings.
  • Have been deported from the U.S. and wish to apply for re-entry.
  • Have had your immigration application refused or denied.
  • Have prior criminal convictions or recent criminal offenses that could affect your U.S. status.
  • Plan to move to the U.S. for work, and your U.S. employer has not assisted with immigration procedures.
  • Feel overwhelmed by the application process and document preparation.
  • Are applying for an investment-based visa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the main areas of service that immigration lawyers provide?

Immigration attorneys offer services such as legal advice on immigration laws and regulations, assistance with immigration benefit applications and petitions, representation in deportation or removal proceedings, and guidance on various immigration matters.

How do immigration lawyers help with visa applications?

Immigration attorneys aid with visa applications by providing legal guidance throughout the application process, preparing and reviewing necessary documentation, and representing applicants during interviews and hearings. They also ensure compliance with immigration laws and requirements.

Can immigration lawyers assist with deportation and removal proceedings?

Yes, immigration attorneys can assist with issues related to deportation and removal proceedings. They can provide legal advice, develop strategies, and represent clients in court to defend against deportation.

Do I need an immigration lawyer for a green card?

The need for an immigration lawyer when applying for a green card depends on your specific situation. While some people can apply on their own, it’s essential to research eligibility criteria. If you find the application process confusing or overwhelming, seeking help from an immigration attorney is advisable.

Find Your Immigration Lawyer

If you are uncertain about immigration laws, eligibility, visa applications, or fear deportation, seek guidance from an immigration attorney to navigate the process effectively.