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Firm founder Alan R. Goodman is an experienced Springfield personal injury lawyer who has spent more than three decades of his legal career fighting on behalf of the injured. Since founding A Good Law Firm in 1977, Mr. Goodman has recovered millions of dollars for his clients in a wide range of personal injury claims.

His advocacy has been instrumental in changing the legal landscape and led to many changes to the law that has helped prevent countless injuries and made it easier for victims of negligence to get the money they deserve.

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A Good Law Firm is locally recognized as one of the best auto injury law firms in Western Massachusetts. Alan Goodman is a car accident lawyer in Springfield, MA who has recovered millions of dollars for people who’ve been injured in motor vehicle collisions. When you or a family member has been seriously injured in a car accident, call Mr. Goodman to discuss the details of your automobile accident.

Mr. Goodman’s work has been recognized by influential figures such as Ralph Nader, Colston Warne, judges, politicians, and many advocacy groups. In addition, major networks have solicited him for his vast legal knowledge and experience, featuring him on shows such as CBS’s 60 Minutes and ABC’s Good Morning America and 20/20.

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