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Lawyers Directories by State Bar Associations

Lawyers Directories by State Bar Associations

Do you want to hire the best lawyer in your region? Don’t want them to have any skeletons in their closet? Then you should check them out on a

State Bar Association Directory.

Online directories make it super easy to find a lawyer for your case. However, you don’t always know if these licensed lawyers are credible or not. It’s because, despite our thorough background checks, some miscreants might have slipped into the system.

It’s why we try to collaborate with State Bar Association Directories while updating our lists. The State Bar Association is the professional association of lawyers who practice law in a particular state. They’re seen as the representatives of law and all go through proper checks and verifications before they get registered.

Consequently, the lists on State Bar Association Directories are always getting updated. It ensures that the general public has access to current databases and certification of licensed lawyers near them.

What’s the Purpose?

The most obvious reason is to find reputable attorneys in the area. However, there are several other reasons for using a State Bar Association Directory.

Here are the main ones:

  • Find out a lawyer’s contact details and state bar number to contact them.
  • Verify a particular attorney’s credentials and legitimacy.
  • Making sure whether a lawyer is allowed to practice law or was disbarred/suspended due to a prior misdemeanor.
  • Confirming whether an attorney is actively practicing law or has resigned.
  • Using the database to hire a lawyer in their area.

Apart from this, the directories are used to find lawyers relevant to a specialty or specific case. The best way to do this is by searching for them via names, keywords or state bar numbers.

Hire the best lawyer with the help of the State Bar Association Directory.

How to Find the Legal Directory of the State Bar?

State Bar Association Directories aren’t hard to miss. You simply search for the legal directory for attorneys of your state and one pops up on the search. However, it’s essential that you test its authenticity before using it.

One way to do this is by looking at online directories like ours to verify the information presented online. Or you can acquire the contact details and complete your background check by looking for additional resources.

Visit the State Bar Association Directory before you hire a lawyer!

List of State Lawyer Licensing Databases

Alabama – Alabama State Bar Online Lawyer Directory
Alaska – Alaska Bar Association – Lawyer Directory
Arizona – State Bar of Arizona – Find a Lawyer
Arkansas – Office of Professional Conduct, Supreme Court of Arkansas – Attorney Search
California – State Bar of California – Attorney Search
Connecticut – Statewide Grievance Committee – Attorney Firm Look-up
Colorado – Colorado Supreme Court, Office of Attorney Regulation – Information Search
Delaware* – Delaware State Bar – Digest of Lawyer Discipline Search
District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) – District of Columbia Office of Bar Counsel – Find a Lawyer
Florida – The Florida Bar – Find a Lawyer Search
Georgia – State Bar of Georgia – Member Directory
Hawaii – Hawaii State Judiciary Membership Status Verification and Directory – Office of Disciplinary Counsel at 201 Merchant Street, Suite 1600, Honolulu, HI 96813. Phone 808-521-4591
Idaho – Idaho State Bar Attorney Roster
Illinois – Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission – Lawyer Search
Indiana – Indiana Roll of Attorneys –
Read more about the Indiana Roll of Attorneys
Iowa – Iowa Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Board – Search Lawyers Licensed in Iowa
Kansas – Supreme Court of Kansas – Online Attorney Directory
Kentucky – Kentucky Bar Association – Lawyer Locator or Roll of Attorneys
Louisiana – Louisiana State Bar Association Membership Directory
Maine – Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar – Attorney Directory
Maryland – State Bar of Maryland – Attorney Listings
Massachusetts – Massachusetts Office of the Bar Counsel – Attorney Look-up
Michigan – State Bar of Michigan – Attorney Directory Search
Minnesota – Minnesota Office of Professional Responsibility – Lawyer Public Decision Search
Mississippi – Mississippi State Bar – Lawyer Directory
Missouri – Official Missouri Directory of Lawyers – Missouri Bar
Montana – State Bar of Montana Member Search and Online Roll of Montana Attorneys
Nebraska – Nebraska State Bar – Lawyer Search
Nevada – State Bar of Nevada – Find a Lawyer
New Hampshire* – No public directory found. Call (603) 224-5828.
New Jersey* –
New Jersey Courts – Searchable Attorney Index
New Mexico – State Bar of New Mexico – Attorney Finder
New York – New York Attorney Grievance Committees – USC Attorney Search
North Carolina – North Carolina State Bar – Find a Lawyer
North Dakota – Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of North Dakota – Lawyers Directory
Oklahoma* – No public directory found. Call (405) 416-7000
Oklahoma Bar Association – FindALawyer (Not a complete list of all attorneys).
Ohio – Ohio Supreme Court – Attorney Information Search
Oregon – Oregon State Bar – Member Search
Pennsylvania – Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania – PA Attorney Search
Rhode Island – Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Rhode Island
South Carolina – South Carolina Bar Association – Member Directory
South Dakota – No public directory found. Call 605-224-7554
South Dakota Bar Association – Find an Attorney Resources
Tennessee – Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility – Attorney Search
Texas – State Bar of Texas – Search for an Attorney
Utah – Utah State Bar – Find a Utah Lawyer Feature
Vermont – Professional Conduct Board of the Supreme Court of Vermont – List of Licensed Attorneys
Virginia* – Virginia State Bar – Attorney Records Search
Washington – Washington State Bar Association – Attorney Directory
West Virginia – West Virginia Office of Disciplinary Counsel – Member Directory Search
Wisconsin – Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation
Wyoming – Wyoming State Bar – Membership Directory