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Decades of experience, as a Prosecutor and Criminal Defense Attorney. I know the system and how all sides think. Your rights are in good hands with Barry Gerald Sands!

Whether you’re seeking quality local representation or you just need the advice of a lawyer on an important matter, consider the office of Barry Gerald Sands Criminal Defense Lawyer in Coachella, CA. We believe everyone deserves access to legal help.

We’re available to meet with you any day of the week. We think you’ll be impressed with the focused personal attention we pay to each case. Our attorney practices:

Criminal Law
Drug Crime Law
White CollarCrime Law
Expungement Law
Fraud Law
Internet Crime Law
Sex Crime Law
White Collar Crime Law

  • Law Office Affiliations Barry Gerald Sands Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • Education University Southern California (Graduate 1965), University La Verne San Fernando Valley College of Law JD Degree (Graduate 1969), Admitted State Bar of California (1970)
  • Practise Area Criminal Law, DUI Law, Drug Crime Law, White CollarCrime Law, Expungement Law, Fraud Law, Internet Crime Law, Sex Crime Law, White Collar Crime Law
  • Law School University La Verne San Fernando Valley College of Law
  • Law Degree JD Degree
  • Criminal
  • Drug Charges
  • Drug Possession
  • E-Commerce and Internet Business Law
  • Internet
  • Sexual Harassment
  • White Collar Crime

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