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James Lawrence Knox is a partner at Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox, LLP. For almost two decades, Mr. Knox has been providing aggressive legal representation to clients facing criminal charges, as well as individuals involved in family law issues or facing administrative law proceedings. Mr. Knox, along with the other members of our legal team, is firmly committed to putting the needs of clients first and has a long and distinguished track record to show that he is a skillful litigator and knowledgeable legal professional.

Whether you are getting divorced, have been charged with a crime, received a traffic citation, or are involved in other legal matters, a skilled and experienced lawyer should be there for you in your time of need. Milligan, Beswick & Levine & Knox LLP has earned BBB Accreditation, and our firm attorneys have been recognized as Super Lawyers and skillful litigators. Give us a call today at (909) 894-0812 or contact us online at any time to learn how Mr. Knox or the other members of our legal team can provide you with invaluable assistance. You can also find out more about Mr. Knox below to see how his experience can benefit you.

About James Lawrence Knox

Mr. Knox is one of the most respected and well-known lawyers in San Bernardino County, as he has appeared in virtually every courthouse in the Southern California area. 95 percent of his practice is focused on litigation and he has represented clients in thousands of cases.

Mr. Knox is a respected criminal lawyer who devotes the bulk of his professional work to representing clients as they navigate the criminal justice system. He has helped many individuals and families in their time of need. He provides legal representation in the areas of administrative and civil law as well as family and criminal law.

  • Law Office Affiliations Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox, LLP
  • Education McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific, Sacramento, California – J.D.
  • Practise Area Criminal Law, Family Law, Administrative Law, General Civil Law, Custody & Visitation, Traffic Violations
  • Law School McGeorge School of Law
  • Law Degree J.D
  • Administrative
  • Civil Engineering
  • Civil Litigation
  • Civil Practice
  • Civil Rights
  • Family
  • Traffic

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