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I am a legal professional with over 30 years of legal technology experience helping companies of all sizes develop, negotiate and/or modify consulting contracts, licenses, SOWs HR Agreements and other business related financial transactions. This experience provides a powerful resource in navigating the challenges tech companies face in growing their business, managing their risks and maximizing their profits.

In addition to that base of diverse legal experience, I have had the privilege of creating, staffing and managing a financial solutions sales team, with a quota bearing staff, to help sales teams leverage financial solutions as part of their sales efforts. I met with clients and created Capacity on Demand storage offerings; Diversity credit eligible lending structures; software subscription models, financial based cloud offerings, as well as more standard skip payment or deferred payment sales offerings all built around the client’s IT consumption patterns and budgetary constraints.

Please contact me for a free consultation if you or the organization you work for is tired of trying to develop, negotiate and/or modify consulting contracts, licenses, SOWs, HR Agreements, and other business related financial transactions.

John P. O’Brien, Esq.
office: (732) 219-6641
fax: (732) 219-6647

  • Law Office Affiliations John P. O’Brien – Technology Attorney
  • Practise Area SaaS Agreements,Technology Licenses, Trial Software Licenses, Service Level Agreements, OEM, Distribution & Reseller Agreements, Sales Order Terms - Acceptance Tests, Employment Agreements, Real Estate Lease Reviews
  • Law School Seton Hall Law School
  • Law Degree JD
  • Computer
  • E-Commerce and Internet Business Law
  • Internet

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